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Cathedral Friends enjoy the music of the band

Canterbury Salvation Army Band enjoyed bringing their latest repertoire to an audience at the garden of the Deanery of Canterbury Cathedral this afternoon.

The Friends of the Cathedral were invited to the reception following Evensong, as part of the annual Friends’ Day, and our band provided music in a variety of styles. It is the second year that the band have been involved at this event.

We were fortunate with the weather, with the sun shining down in the Cathedral Precincts. Wisely, the band sat in the shade, ensuring we did not overheat! Carry on reading »

Canterbury Salvation Army Band at 125

In the last few centuries, the city of Canterbury has heard many sounds. From Cathedral bells and the chatter of market traders and shoppers to river users and the roar of motor cars – there can surely not have been a moment of quiet in all those years. Since Victorian times, there has been one sound in particular that will be familiar to many city residents; that of Canterbury Salvation Army Band. Its music has been integral to services at the church, and it has woven its way into much of the city’s life – services in the High Street, carolling at Christmas and many civic events are all supported by it.

This year, that band becomes 125 years old. My history in the band stretches back only three years, which is almost nothing proportionally – so I was keen to find out more about the group and its past. Twelve and a half decades is a long time; what has changed, and what stays the same? What has the band done so far in its life, and why does it do what it does? Carry on reading »

Andy Peddle’s walkathon visits Canterbury

As Andy Peddle’s walkathon enters its final few months, Canterbury Salvation Army was today pleased to be one of the final stops on his tour.

The goal of Andy’s 7,900-mile sponsored walk is to raise money for The Salvation Army’s Homeless and Anti-Trafficking programmes by visiting every Salvation Army centre in the UK and Ireland – that’s a huge total of 949 different stops.

After arriving at around 10.30am in the Annexe drop-in centre and enjoying a well-earned cup of tea, Andy told those who had gathered to welcome him the story of why he was undertaking such a large task. Carry on reading »