Coronavirus All activities at Canterbury Salvation Army have been suspended as we seek to prevent the spread of the virus through gathering together. This includes Sunday worship. However, Toddler Bank and the Annexe drop-in centre are still in limited operation. Please contact us for more information.


Living for God – without limits

In 2015, The Salvation Army worldwide will be holding a special five-day celebration in London to mark 150 years since its founding by William Booth. The theme is ‘Boundless’, a word and message that has recurred throughout the Army’s history – perhaps most famously in Booth’s hymn ‘O Boundless Salvation’.

ALOVE, The Salvation Army’s national youth programme, chose Boundless as its theme for 2012 and described it as:

“… “having no boundaries” or “without limits”. It’s a powerful word that releases people from oppression, grants freedom and opens the doors to new and exciting ways of doing things. It’s also a scary word. A world without boundaries can seem like chaos to people. We recognise the need for a framework of living but we reject the needlessness of boundaries that stop creativity, that slow down movement and hamper mission.” ALOVE cell material (January 2012)

The idea of my faith having no bounds is something I’ve thought a lot about. I think I’m reluctant to tell people what I believe because I don’t like lots of the connotations that the ‘Christian’ label has. Carry on reading »

New term for the Youth programme

This past weekend has been an exciting one for the teenagers of our church. With the school year beginning once more, the youth programme is getting back into full swing. We had the first Friday night SAY, East Kent Youth gathering and Sunday Teen Cell since the summer.

Remember that anyone is welcome along to our youth events. Teen Cell and SAY are for those between the ages of 12 and 18 and East Kent Youth is 11+.

The Teen Cell met during the morning service on Sunday for a new term with the theme for the month of September being be ‘Keep on Running’. We thought about what it would be like to run a marathon and compared it to our Christian journeys. Watching a video of a man crawling across the finish line of the Canberra marathon led us to discuss the determination and hard work that drives someone to start a marathon and also finish it. Carry on reading »

YP Band and Singing Company visit Germany

It was at least a year in the planning, with organisers having to overcome barriers of language and distance – but the result was a very successful week in Germany for the Young People’s Band and Singing Company of Canterbury Salvation Army. They and their adult helpers (pictured in the German sunset on the right) arrived home tonight feeling a little more weary than they had five days previously, but certainly more inspired and closer as a group. Here’s a run down of the week…


Those walking down Canterbury High Street just before 7am on the 25th July 2013 would have seen a coach parked by the entrance to Whitehorse Lane with around 35 people loading up bags, boxes and instruments onto it. Yes, the day had finally arrived for the tour to begin – which meant an awful lot of equipment had to be loaded! (See the photo on the left.)

Carry on reading »

Young People’s Anniversary weekend

The Young People’s Anniversary weekend of 2013 proved to be an inspirational and energetic couple of days, combining music with powerful themes of courage and crossing over – particularly appropriate with the upcoming visit of the junior musical groups to Germany in mind.


Saturday night of the weekend saw family, friends and members of the public enjoy a concert of music from the Young People’s Band and Singing Company.

With YP Band leader Keith Woodger unable to take care of the band over the weekend at short notice, Matthew Crick stepped in. The band played brilliantly, their hard work over several weeks and months on some difficult music paying off. Carry on reading »

Canterbury Salvation Army launches new website

Today, The Salvation Army in Canterbury is launching its new website. We have has been developing it over a number of weeks – as a replacement for the previous version – and hopefully it is a fresh, interesting and helpful new resource. We would be really pleased to get your thoughts on it.

Although it is in its early days, the site already has a good amount of content, with information about most of our weekly activities, a page about who we are and the beginnings of a blog for news reports and thought on God’s word – and more besides. Carry on reading »

Canterbury YP Band visit Maidstone

Canterbury Young People’s Band had a great time at Maidstone Salvation Army as they led a concert of music – a taster for their forthcoming tour of Germany in July.

The evening opened with the march ‘Happy All The Day’, composed by Canterbury Salvation Army’s own Christopher Ward, and set the tone for an enjoyable evening.

Prayer time was led by Joseph Halliday, who described how he sometimes uses the childhood ‘teaspoon’ model of prayer to ensure a balance in what he prays for, before asking God to bless the evening ahead.

The concert presented a wealth of soloists, each using their talents to perform everything from a vocal solo, to cornet and euphonium features – with even a snare drum solo being included! A host of other pieces and styles were enjoyed by the audience: ‘Somebody Prayed’, ‘Let There Be Praise’ and ‘A New Dimension’ being just a few. Carry on reading »

Andy Peddle’s walkathon visits Canterbury

As Andy Peddle’s walkathon enters its final few months, Canterbury Salvation Army was today pleased to be one of the final stops on his tour.

The goal of Andy’s 7,900-mile sponsored walk is to raise money for The Salvation Army’s Homeless and Anti-Trafficking programmes by visiting every Salvation Army centre in the UK and Ireland – that’s a huge total of 949 different stops.

After arriving at around 10.30am in the Annexe drop-in centre and enjoying a well-earned cup of tea, Andy told those who had gathered to welcome him the story of why he was undertaking such a large task. Carry on reading »