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Banquet 2065 kicks off our future building project

A great time was had by all who attended the launch event for Project 2065, our new initiative to raise funds for a new building in a generation or two, and a good amount was raised to kick-start the coffers.

The food was excellent – soup, guacamole tortillas, beef, Italian chicken, aubergine lasagne, butterscotch bread and butter pudding and black forest gateaux were all on offer, though not intended to be consumed just by one person! As the food and drink was devoured, letters were given out to explain the purpose of and need for the Project 2065.

Photo of group at the banquetWe also distributed our money boxes (which you can download yourself on the Project 2065 page) and set everybody the challenge of seeing who could build the neatest one!

Between courses, we displayed a selection of photos on the screen – these were pictures of people in the room from 1965, and for those not around then we showed photos that had been aged by 50 years using our special app! Appropriately, we played a selection of favourite music from the 60s, bringing memories flooding back to many in the room (and bemusement to others).

Photo of maths attempts!

There was also a round of maths challenges based on the number 2065 – honestly, it wasn’t as dull as it sounds – that, all in all, helped seal a fantastic evening of fundraising and fun. Over £300 was raised, a great start to the new project.

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