Cathedral Friends enjoy the music of the band

Canterbury Salvation Army Band enjoyed bringing their latest repertoire to an audience at the garden of the Deanery of Canterbury Cathedral this afternoon.

The Friends of the Cathedral were invited to the reception following Evensong, as part of the annual Friends’ Day, and our band provided music in a variety of styles. It is the second year that the band have been involved at this event.

We were fortunate with the weather, with the sun shining down in the Cathedral Precincts. Wisely, the band sat in the shade, ensuring we did not overheat!

Photo of the crowd listening to the band in the Cathedral's Deanery Garden

The music included ‘Etobicoke Youth’, ‘Guardian of my Soul’, ‘Michael, Row’, ‘Daniel’ and ‘As the Deer’. Our audience seemed to appreciate the music, and for the band it was a wonderful opportunity to bring our ministry to new listeners.

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