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Audience appreciate Music for a Summer’s Evening

A good-sized audience came to our hall to listen to a concert of ‘Music for a Summer’s Evening.’ We promoted the event across the city, including posters in the High Street, and were rewarded with a crowd ready to hear what the Band and Songsters had to offer.

The Band’s latest repertoire – including pieces such as ‘Soli, Deo Gloria’, ‘Cairo Red Shield’, ‘Joshua, Fit the Battle’ and ‘Guardian of my Soul’ – was broken up by contributions from the Songsters who presented ‘The Pilgrim Song’, ‘Hymn to the Conqueror’ and ‘The Wonder of his Grace’, the latter two of which can be heard on SoundCloud.

Photo of band, June 2015

We also took the opportunity to take a photo of (the majority!) of the band all together. Being a group made of such a variety of people of different walks of life, taking a photo of everybody is not an easy thing – even for this event, it was not possible!

Major Mandy Sands shared a Bible-based thought to close the evening. Those that gathered for the evening seemed very pleased by what they heard, and many asked when the next such concert was. With that kind of reception, we will have to make sure that it is soon!

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