Month: April 2014

Teenagers’ Easter Monday visit to Greenwich

A small group of the teenagers from Canterbury SA had a great time when they visited Greenwich on Easter’s bank holiday Monday. An early start (for those under 20, anything involving the morning is early!) meant that we were in Greenwich area by around 11am, even allowing for the closed train lines and complicated routes. We broke off into small groups, each exploring the different attractions of the area.

One group visited the British Music Experience at the O2, a hands-on exhibition of modern British pop music. Another visited the Emirates Air Line, a cable car over the River Thames. Yet another visited the Cutty Sark, the world famous tea clipper. Carry on reading »

Easter 2014 in Canterbury

Easter is one of the occasions each year when, perhaps, the Christian faith is most visible in Canterbury with many events taking place throughout the city. For 2014’s Maundy Thursday, a new event was launched in the High Street. Christians from churches across the area were stationed outside M&S, offering passers-by the chance to get their shoes polished. This was as a symbolic gesture, a reminder of the way that the Bible describes Jesus humbling himself through washing the feet of his disciples at the Last Supper.

Good Friday began with a United service at Canterbury Baptist Church, with Easter songs and a thought-provoking message from Pastor Eric Harmer of Barton Evangelical Church. He spoke about how easy it can be for people to know the story of the crucifixion, but more difficult to fully understand its significance; the pain of Jesus’ death may be lost on us as we focus on the physical torture and forget the social and mental torment that he also endured. Easter is a time to remind ourselves and those we meet in the secular world of our belief in the impact of the events of the Gospels. Carry on reading »