Coronavirus All activities at Canterbury Salvation Army have been suspended as we seek to prevent the spread of the virus through gathering together. This includes Sunday worship. However, Toddler Bank and the Annexe drop-in centre are still in limited operation. Please contact us for more information.


Month: February 2014

Band concert at St Dunstan’s Church

Canterbury Salvation Army Band and Songsters brought an afternoon concert of music to the church of St Dunstan’s, Canterbury, that appeared to go down well with the crowd who gathered to listen.

The layout of the building meant that squeezing all of our players into the church was a logistical challenge – particularly when large items of percussion like the drum kit and timpani had to be brought in too! Luckily, we got set up just in time to open our programme with the piece ‘Ein Feste Berg,’ a lively arrangement of a tune whose words begin: ‘A mighty fortress is our God.’ Carry on reading »