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Young People’s Anniversary weekend

The Young People’s Anniversary weekend of 2013 proved to be an inspirational and energetic couple of days, combining music with powerful themes of courage and crossing over – particularly appropriate with the upcoming visit of the junior musical groups to Germany in mind.


Saturday night of the weekend saw family, friends and members of the public enjoy a concert of music from the Young People’s Band and Singing Company.

With YP Band leader Keith Woodger unable to take care of the band over the weekend at short notice, Matthew Crick stepped in. The band played brilliantly, their hard work over several weeks and months on some difficult music paying off. Pieces included ‘Let There Be Praise’, the euphonium solo ‘Ransomed’ and the cornet feature ‘A New Dimension’.

The Singing Company too did fantastically, performing music in a variety of genres including the African-style piece ‘Siya Kudu Misa’ and ‘Over the Rainbow’. It was the first concert for new member six year-old Fabian, who joined in enthusiastically!

The audience were reminded of the reason behind the music – the young people’s desire to worship God and share the gospel message of Good News that Jesus came to share. Their hope is that their hard work in perfecting their talents will lead to other people enjoying their music and coming to know God.


Lieutenants Nicky and Guy Davies, our special guests from Plumstead Salvation Army, led through the Sunday services with an energy that inspired the young people at Canterbury Salvation Army to live for God. The theme of the morning service was ‘Neighbours’ and Nicky and Guy spoke about the need to cross over. Just as rockets require huge amounts of fuel to break through the Earth’s atmosphere, so too do Jesus’ followers require huge amounts of courage and strength to cross over to friends, neighbours, and strangers to show God in their actions.

The YP Band and Singing Company both played a large role, providing enjoyable music and solo items. The Sunday school provided a creative drama entitled ‘Peter in a Bed’ – though it should be noted that the young people acted far more maturely and competently than some of their adult helpers…

Following the morning service, the YP Band and Singing Company took their music to the High Street of Canterbury for an open-air service. Lots of people gathered in the sunshine and there was a great atmosphere as song and prayer were shared. The picture above shows the choir singing a song to the public.

The evening service looked at the story of Jonah and the Whale. Nicky and Guy urged the young people to have the courage to do the right thing, to stay following God. They talked about the lengths God goes to to keep us on the right path, pointing out how Jonah tried all sorts of things to get away.

All in all, a terrific weekend was had by both young and old. Music was enjoyed by both the audience and the performers, the messages of Nicky and Guy applying to all who gathered, and the worship of God was central to all that took place.

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