Month: June 2013

Canterbury Salvation Army launches new website

Today, The Salvation Army in Canterbury is launching its new website. We have has been developing it over a number of weeks – as a replacement for the previous version – and hopefully it is a fresh, interesting and helpful new resource. We would be really pleased to get your thoughts on it.

Although it is in its early days, the site already has a good amount of content, with information about most of our weekly activities, a page about who we are and the beginnings of a blog for news reports and thought on God’s word – and more besides. Carry on reading »

Canterbury YP Band visit Maidstone

Canterbury Young People’s Band had a great time at Maidstone Salvation Army as they led a concert of music – a taster for their forthcoming tour of Germany in July.

The evening opened with the march ‘Happy All The Day’, composed by Canterbury Salvation Army’s own Christopher Ward, and set the tone for an enjoyable evening.

Prayer time was led by Joseph Halliday, who described how he sometimes uses the childhood ‘teaspoon’ model of prayer to ensure a balance in what he prays for, before asking God to bless the evening ahead.

The concert presented a wealth of soloists, each using their talents to perform everything from a vocal solo, to cornet and euphonium features – with even a snare drum solo being included! A host of other pieces and styles were enjoyed by the audience: ‘Somebody Prayed’, ‘Let There Be Praise’ and ‘A New Dimension’ being just a few. Carry on reading »