Canterbury Salvation Army Band

You may have heard our brass band playing in Canterbury High Street – we play there most Sundays at around midday and even more regularly at Christmas – but our schedule is far more varied than you might think! As well as a variety of concerts throughout the year at other churches and Salvation Army centres, our band accompanies hymn-singing and provides music at our Sunday services.

We believe that playing our music is a form of worship, and put our energies into making it as good as we can. We realise that whilst it may not be perfect, it will be good enough for God. We also believe that it will attract attention when the public hear it and hope that we might inspire and bless those who listen.

We practice every Tuesday evening at 8pm, under the leadership of Martin Neeve. If you play a brass instrument, why not join us? Just get in touch using the form below if you are interested.